Year of issue : 1996
Genre : Arcade, Simulator
Developer : Papyrus Design Group, Buzz Puppet Productions
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Language : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Platform : 32 / 64bit Windows (all versions)
System requirements : Windows 95 , CPU: Pentium 75, RAM: 16MB, DirectX 2
Description :
This is a game about street sports bikers doing shocking races in different parts of California.
Once upon a time, the game appeared on 3Do, and became an absolute hit in 1994.
The point of the game is to win 5 seasons with 5 tracks each (each of which is a kind of masterpiece of design art).
But it will not be easy to achieve success … The average speed of 200 km / h, rare but well-aimed traffic on the roads, as well as the possibility of being struck on the head with a chain or being arrested, all this complicates the path to success. But nothing prevents you from personally punishing the offenders and slapping them on the helmet, or pushing them with your foot under oncoming traffic.
Great graphics for such an ancient game, impressive video and sound, unrivaled gameplay, all backed up by a good, very non-commercial sense of humor from the developers.
Enjoy the game for you and your children.

Size:  510.5 MB